Thrilled!  That’s how I felt to photograph this sweet baby!  I have long photographed his family and am excited to watch this little boo grow up!  I love his family & love how they let me act like part of the family when I’m working with them.  I just lay around and talk and talk & take some pictures and talk some more!  Thomas is so lucky to have joined these people!  He is surrounded by family and friends who will love him right!

Welcome Thomas!!



I’ve known Kara & Andrew since they were my husband’s students at LaGrange College.  I can remember having them over to our house one night…Alvin and I were a young(ish), newly married couple, hosting a few young college couples for dinner – Andrew and Kara being one of them.  Fast forward to their marriage a few years later, their new condo not far from our home, and even to Kara & I working together on some wedding gigs together (she’s a photographer too).  Now, imagine this baby…the one they prayed for and waited for…the one we all knew would be the luckiest baby in the world to have these two as his parents.  Actually, I think babies around the globe are wailing in protest ~ why didn’t they end up with parents like Kara & Andrew?  Welcome, Baby Malcolm!  We are all so glad you’ve joined us!!


~ Ben Harper ~ Beautiful Boy ~


I remember when my husband and I had our first child, all we did for the first month or so was stare at him.  Every waking moment of the day – we just watched him – we were so in awe…  It was Deja Vu all over again, watching Ben’s parents with him.  They (rightfully so) are so in love with him – all they do is watch him – he is the center of their universe now, rightfully so.  He’s perfect!

Thank you for letting me document this incredible time in your lives!

~ Ben Harper ~ Beautiful Boy ~


Welcome baby Everly!! Any day I get to work with a newborn is a good day & today was a very good day. I spent my afternoon getting my baby fix with this adorable little girl and her precious family.  I mean have you ever seen a baby in a turban?  Me neither, but it doesn’t get much cuter!  Her big brother was so excited to be able hold his “baby sister” and how about that bow tie?  Thank you so much for trusting me to document this special time in your life.






~ Clem Snide ~ With All My Heart ~






Well, I’m batting zero this summer for birth photography… My first baby decided to come on his own and his Mom birthed him in the mini-van… No worries, I had another birth coming up mid-August.  I’d warned the Mom that I would be in Costa Rica until the very beginning of August, but it shouldn’t be a problem…unless the baby comes nearly 2 weeks early and super fast, which she did!!  Baby Olivia was in a hurry to join us – but at least she waited until they got to the hospital.

But all’s well that ends well and I got to meet up with Olivia and her fabulous family a week later for a beautiful newborn session!  It was such a treat for me to see her older sister – the last time I’d seen her was when she was a few hours old (I made it to her birth).  A funny story, right after I got to their home, I was pulling up a large window blind for more light and inadvertently pulled it off the wall (*sorry*)…which upset Mila to no end…she must have walked by 50 times, pointed at the blinds and said “you broke that!” ~hanging my head in shame~

Thank you so much for trusting me with these images!

Really, Mila tried to steal the show – she nearly did it too with her yoga poses…I mean check those out, they are perfect!  I know tons of spandexed women who would die for that downward facing dog!!


Baby Olivia from Lindsey Lingenfelter on Vimeo.





This baby right here…he gave us all a run for our money!!  Starting with the fact that he was nearly 2 weeks overdue!  His mom said she was one day shy of being pregnant 10 months!!  Then when he decided to join us here earth side – he couldn’t wait any longer and was born on the WAY to the hospital!  Born in the minivan!  Two pushes according to his mother!  Luckily, everything went the way it was suppose to and he’s here and couldn’t be healthier!!  Unfortunately, though I wasn’t able to greet him until about 90 minutes later…  Nonetheless, I still love the images we captured – meeting his tribe ~ sister, brother, grandparents and aunt.  Welcome Baby Carter!!  You are so loved and we are so glad you are here!



Newborn Carter from Lindsey Lingenfelter on Vimeo.







Sweet baby Aaron joined his family a few weeks ago & boy is his sister proud!  She would not let “her baby” out of her sight!  Thanks to Aaron’s adventurous parents we had a good time playing around with him in the yard and in his mailbox…special delivery!!  That’s what happens when you’re the 2nd child… 😉  I really enjoyed myself last week and can’t thank you enough for letting me come into your day and capture Aaron’s first days.

GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_001 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_006 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_017 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_030 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_035 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_054 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_070 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_077 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_081 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_087 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_090 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_097 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_099 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_106 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_118 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_125 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_133 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_141 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_171 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_174 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_183 GEORGIA - ATLANTA - Baby Aaron_185



Such a treat for me to photograph this precious new baby girl! Only 6 days old & the perfect model! Seriously, a dream to work with, now only if she would only let her Mama & Daddy dream a little at night…  I can’t wait to watch this little girl grow up – she’s got a lot to give to this world!  I only hope she has as much spunk as her big brother does!  Welcome to our world Baby Lydia!!

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_003

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_005

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_014

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_015

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_023

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_045

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_069

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_080

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_091

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_096

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_104

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_113

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_118

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_122

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_126

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_135

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_139

Linden Tree Photography - Baby Lydia_158

Baby Lydia from Lindsey Lingenfelter on Vimeo.


Newborns…something magical about them!! Especially your first! Not that the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th child isn’t grand, but there is something special about that first baby!!   Everything is so new and unusual, everyone is trying to figure everyone out – is he cold, hungry, wet?  Are you my mother?

As always I was so honored to be asked to document this family’s foray into being a family of 3 (or 5 if you count dogs & cats…).  Baby Matthew has a good life ahead of him!  Welcome to our world!!

Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_010 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_020 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_030 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_050 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_067 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_074 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_075 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_080 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_095 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_102 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_114 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_130 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_144 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_162 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_166 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_178 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_180Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_200 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_203 Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_217

Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_224

I admit it!  I stole this idea from one of my favorite photographers out of California, Tara Whitney!  She calls these shots “the in between photos” and I LOVE them!!

Linden Tree Photography - NB Matthew_233