The day I met the Howle Family at Candler Park, was a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Actually, it was a pretty close to the perfect Sunday fall afternoon, not too cold, great light, golden leaves all over the ground and really cute kids!  And, you know what my husband says…cute kids = cute pictures – and we got cute pictures!  Thanks for trusting me with your family image!


I was thrilled when I got a text from Jodi confirming our session time and even more thrilled when she told me of her plan…surprise her step-son with the news that they were giving him a new baby sister or brother next Spring!  I think it worked!  It also suprised her grandmother, Gaga, who is 92 years old and now my new role model and spiritual guide!  I mean look at that lovely lady!  She was so stinkin’ awesome!  At one point, I needed some help with some shade and she stepped right in to help me hold an umbrella!

I love the images of Robby & Walker looking at the ultra sound pictures and talking about how big the baby is right now…. {this big}.  And I also loved at the end when Walker asked me to take pictures with his alien he won at the arcade!  I couldn’t help but think of these maternity images that went viral last week!   HA!!

In the end, I think that the surprise worked and everyone was thrilled with the news of a new Maharrey joining us in the Spring.  I can’t wait to meet him or her. (I’m pulling for a girl!)



I’ve known Kara & Andrew since they were my husband’s students at LaGrange College.  I can remember having them over to our house one night…Alvin and I were a young(ish), newly married couple, hosting a few young college couples for dinner – Andrew and Kara being one of them.  Fast forward to their marriage a few years later, their new condo not far from our home, and even to Kara & I working together on some wedding gigs together (she’s a photographer too).  Now, imagine this baby…the one they prayed for and waited for…the one we all knew would be the luckiest baby in the world to have these two as his parents.  Actually, I think babies around the globe are wailing in protest ~ why didn’t they end up with parents like Kara & Andrew?  Welcome, Baby Malcolm!  We are all so glad you’ve joined us!!


~ Ben Harper ~ Beautiful Boy ~


I had so much fun hanging out with Kelly and her family last Saturday.  They came from North and South to gather here in Atlanta to celebrate their Dad’s 70th birthday.  What a fun group of people!  They had the whole weekend planned out – they made the most of every minute they had together.  I’m just glad they fit me into their schedule.  There was lots of laughing and silliness, you could tell that these folks really loved each other.  Thanks for letting me capture this time in your lives!

~ Jack Johnson ~ Better Together


The first time I met Leigh was when I photographed the kids at the school where she works.  So, when she asked me to photograph her friends who were moving out of state – I jumped at the chance.  Literally, jumped – as you can see B loves his trampoline!  Leigh has been keeping B for the past 6 years, since he was about three years old!  She and B’s Mom have developed an easy friendship over those past years.  It was heartwarming to watch B love and dote on both of these women who clearly mean so much to him!  There’s nothing that I cherish more than having someone love my children nearly as much as I do – and clearly Leigh does just that!  Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity to photograph your friendship.

~ Randy Newman & Lyle Lovett ~ You Got A Friend in Me ~



These boys and this family…my photography season is not complete without us getting together to make some fabulous images of them!  Every year it just gets better and better!  I love seeing their latest interests and watching them progress on their musical instruments!  It makes my day when they set up scenes for me to photograph and I love watching them fight over and love on their parents.  Thanks Bealls for having me photograph your beautiful, beautiful boys!!

~ Ben Harper ~ Beautiful Boy ~


I met up with these sweet folks one Saturday a few of weeks ago.  I haven’t seen them for a couple of years because life sometimes gets in the way…but it didn’t matter – because we were back together again!  It was just like old times sake – except for better!  I oohed and ahhed over how big those kids have grown – and I showed them pictures of what may be the cutest dog ever, my Suleiman (OK, maybe I’m a little biased!)  These kids are so much fun to work with – they are always willing to do what I ask and it always turns out better than I can imagine!!  This year, Mom jumped in, and boy am I glad she did!  I love seeing them laughing and loving all over each other!! 

~ Sarah McLachlan ~ Ice Cream ~






These kiddos…I love them dearly!  I think technically they were my 1st clients!  Mom was pregnant with A and we stood in a field of wheat!!  Waaaaay back when!  Now look at them!  I had so much fun hanging out with them – they were the perfect mixture of silly and sweet!  It’s such an honor to work with families throughout the years and watch them grow! I hope they are as happy with their images as I am!!  xoxo

Moore Family ~ ATLANTA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER from Lindsey Lingenfelter on Vimeo.

~ Billy Dean ~ Let Them Be Little ~



What a special session this was!!  Tricia invited me over for a family session to celebrate her oldest son leaving on a 2 year mission!  What the perfect time to document your family!  I really enjoyed myself with these folks!  Everyone was so easy going!  I loved watching them interact together and how they laughed with and at each other, as large families are prone to do!  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did making them!  Thanks Hopkins family & good luck Adam!!

~ Jack Johnson ~ Better Together ~