~ Member Event ~ Atlanta Botanical Garden ~ ATLANTA EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY ~

It was a beautiful and perfect day to showcase members and tulips at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens!  Such a fun member event with games, lizards, poisonous frogs, treats and the ever popular…facepainting!  The band, Sweet Auburn String Band – was the perfect accompaniment to this gorgeous day!  Thanks for having me ABG!!


~ Rising Appalachia ~ Novels of Acquaintance ~



I’ve known Kara & Andrew since they were my husband’s students at LaGrange College.  I can remember having them over to our house one night…Alvin and I were a young(ish), newly married couple, hosting a few young college couples for dinner – Andrew and Kara being one of them.  Fast forward to their marriage a few years later, their new condo not far from our home, and even to Kara & I working together on some wedding gigs together (she’s a photographer too).  Now, imagine this baby…the one they prayed for and waited for…the one we all knew would be the luckiest baby in the world to have these two as his parents.  Actually, I think babies around the globe are wailing in protest ~ why didn’t they end up with parents like Kara & Andrew?  Welcome, Baby Malcolm!  We are all so glad you’ve joined us!!


~ Ben Harper ~ Beautiful Boy ~


I had so much fun hanging out with Kelly and her family last Saturday.  They came from North and South to gather here in Atlanta to celebrate their Dad’s 70th birthday.  What a fun group of people!  They had the whole weekend planned out – they made the most of every minute they had together.  I’m just glad they fit me into their schedule.  There was lots of laughing and silliness, you could tell that these folks really loved each other.  Thanks for letting me capture this time in your lives!

~ Jack Johnson ~ Better Together


I remember when my husband and I had our first child, all we did for the first month or so was stare at him.  Every waking moment of the day – we just watched him – we were so in awe…  It was Deja Vu all over again, watching Ben’s parents with him.  They (rightfully so) are so in love with him – all they do is watch him – he is the center of their universe now, rightfully so.  He’s perfect!

Thank you for letting me document this incredible time in your lives!

~ Ben Harper ~ Beautiful Boy ~


I was thrilled when Elaina’s mom contacted me to take her Senior Portraits.  Elaina recently found out that she was accepted to GA Tech – she’s going to be a Yellow Jacket!!  I really couldn’t get over her composure!  The smiled through all my suggestions and didn’t one time roll her eyes at my silliness.  She was all game to hang out some on the GA Tech campus and finish off at the Varsity.  Look out world – here she comes!!



AYKM?  This was by far the dreamiest maternity session I have EVER had!  This session came out better than I even imagined!  Thanks to Candice for letting me capture her beauty and essence!  She rocked this session!  Can you believe this woman is about to have her FOURTH baby?  FOUR!!  Plus, it’s a little girl – after three boys – she’s getting her little girl!  I can’t wait to meet her!

~ U2 ~ The Sweetest Thing ~

~ Algie Family ~ 2017

Well, this family is near and dear to my heart…it’s my own!!  In the next week or so, my parents are actually celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  I can remember being younger and thinking that we’d all be so old when they had their 50th anniversary – but the funny thing is…we aren’t (don’t burst my bubble)!  We aren’t all together very often except for the holidays – and what does a photographer do when they have everyone under one roof?  Take pictures of course!



This family warms my heart!  I love the way the kids interact with each other.  I love that the oldest son is taller than his dad and that might sting a bit… I love how beautiful they all are.  I love how calm and collected the parents always seem to be – I’ve never, ever seen either one of them lose their cool. Thank you for having me out to photograph your amazing family!   

~ The Weepies ~ I Gotta Have You ~


Warning!  Cute kid overload here!  It was such a treat to hang out with the Idaikkadar’s and their extended family this past weekend.  We had the perfect Autumn day with plenty of sunshine!  I think I’ve said this before, but my husband always says “cute kids = cute pictures!”  Well, in this case I think he’s right!  Two years old & 9 months – my favorite ages!  Little A was content to sit on his Mama’s lap and show of his gorgeous hair – it’s not fair when an infant has better hair than you!  And, who doesn’t love a rambunctious 2 year old?  I mean doesn’t everyone play soccer in their flouncy flower girl dress?  Thank you Idaikkadar family for letting me spend the afternoon with you and make these beautiful images.

~ Steve Petrunak ~ Here Comes the Sun ~


The first time I met Leigh was when I photographed the kids at the school where she works.  So, when she asked me to photograph her friends who were moving out of state – I jumped at the chance.  Literally, jumped – as you can see B loves his trampoline!  Leigh has been keeping B for the past 6 years, since he was about three years old!  She and B’s Mom have developed an easy friendship over those past years.  It was heartwarming to watch B love and dote on both of these women who clearly mean so much to him!  There’s nothing that I cherish more than having someone love my children nearly as much as I do – and clearly Leigh does just that!  Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity to photograph your friendship.

~ Randy Newman & Lyle Lovett ~ You Got A Friend in Me ~