Welcome William!  He couldn’t wait to join us – he was so excited that he came 3 weeks early, much to the chagrin of his folks!  Nothing keeps you on your toes like parenting…no matter how old they are!  I was thrilled when William’s parents contacted me for his newborn images. Was I thrilled to meet William and take precious, cuddly newborn pictures? Or to hang out with his Mama and talk all afternoon?  I like to think it was a little of both!  He couldn’t have joined a sweeter family, his big brother is excited to fulfill his role and has promised to teach him all the tricks of the trade. Thank y’all so much for having me out to meet William and document these precious times!  xoxo


Welcome William! from Lindsey Lingenfelter on Vimeo.


I was thrilled when I got a text from Jodi confirming our session time and even more thrilled when she told me of her plan…surprise her step-son with the news that they were giving him a new baby sister or brother next Spring!  I think it worked!  It also suprised her grandmother, Gaga, who is 92 years old and now my new role model and spiritual guide!  I mean look at that lovely lady!  She was so stinkin’ awesome!  At one point, I needed some help with some shade and she stepped right in to help me hold an umbrella!

I love the images of Robby & Walker looking at the ultra sound pictures and talking about how big the baby is right now…. {this big}.  And I also loved at the end when Walker asked me to take pictures with his alien he won at the arcade!  I couldn’t help but think of these maternity images that went viral last week!   HA!!

In the end, I think that the surprise worked and everyone was thrilled with the news of a new Maharrey joining us in the Spring.  I can’t wait to meet him or her. (I’m pulling for a girl!)


A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor and privilege to meet and photograph baby Cate as she was introduced to her two older brothers.  Never have you seen 2 boys more excited to meet the latest family member!  They couldn’t get enough of her and wanted nothing more than to hold her a little bit longer.  It wasn’t that long ago that I was able to watch the oldest brother meet his younger brother.  It’s pretty special to be asked to document this special time again. I can’t thank the family enough for letting me be a small part of this big day!


Flashback to the first time we met!


I’m going to always be a fan of photography as a gift…especially a Mother’s Day gift!  What mom out there wouldn’t love to be able to spend the afternoon with her family AND get images of her family that she will cherish forever!  Especially as her children are getting older, creeping out on the edge of that nest…flying away to college in the fall… I had so much fun hanging out with the Smiths the Saturday before Mother’s Day, watching them interact with each other and then the kicker…watching Bryson and Laegan singing together…I’m getting weepy all over again!  Laura is certainly a lucky woman and mama!

p.s. That’s Bryson’s music with the slideshow!!


~ Indescribable ~ Bryson Smith ~


Daisy, Daisy, Daisy…where did the time go?  I remember you as a fresh faced 8th grader heading off to high school and now look at you…leaving us for college!  Daisy and I hung out together last week at the ever happening, Krog Street Market area.  This place was the perfect place for her Senior pictures – cool and hip…unlike the photographer… One of the things I love about Daisy is her sense of humor.  She was hilarious in front of the camera and had no trouble making fun of herself or the situation – which always brought about a giant smile and some my favorite images!  Thank you for trusting me with these pictures & good luck on your next adventures!!


~ Mindy Gledhill ~ Whole Wild World


Photographing Abbi Lynn really couldn’t have been any easier or more fun!  She was such a joy to work with and willing to climb into dungeons with me for the perfect green door!  And, she listened patiently to me ramble on and on…  Congratulations Abbi Lynn on this momentous occasion in your life & best of luck to you with your future college choice!  Either school is going to be lucky to have you!!



It’s always an delight when a family invites you into thier life, but it’s double/triplely (made that up) an honor when they invite you back again for such an intimate time in their life!  A birth of a new baby – nothing much more special than that – especially when its baby number FOUR and the first baby girl!!  They are such a beautiful family already, and adding precious Mila only secures that reputation for them!  Welcome Baby Mila!!

~ U2 ~ The Sweetest Thing ~