What a great day!  Who care if it was the hottest day of the year?  If it ended up raining on our parade?  These three families spent the afternoon together enjoying each others company and loving on one another.  This family session was a gift for their Mom – a fantastic gift if you ask me!  What more does a Mom want then to have all her babies (and their babies) together in one spot – where she can look out in one glance and see her heart all at once.  Plus, to top it off – we made these images for her to cherish forever and to pass along to these grand babies…

Thank you Lovejoy/Fritchley family for letting me be a part of this day and hopefully capturing a small part of your beautiful clan!

Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_001
Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_028 Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_039

Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_044 Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_052

Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_073 Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_095

Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_101


Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_115 Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_123 Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_140 Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_165 Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_169 Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_181 Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_185

Linden Tree Photography_Lovejoy_197

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