Well, I’m batting zero this summer for birth photography… My first baby decided to come on his own and his Mom birthed him in the mini-van… No worries, I had another birth coming up mid-August.  I’d warned the Mom that I would be in Costa Rica until the very beginning of August, but it shouldn’t be a problem…unless the baby comes nearly 2 weeks early and super fast, which she did!!  Baby Olivia was in a hurry to join us – but at least she waited until they got to the hospital.

But all’s well that ends well and I got to meet up with Olivia and her fabulous family a week later for a beautiful newborn session!  It was such a treat for me to see her older sister – the last time I’d seen her was when she was a few hours old (I made it to her birth).  A funny story, right after I got to their home, I was pulling up a large window blind for more light and inadvertently pulled it off the wall (*sorry*)…which upset Mila to no end…she must have walked by 50 times, pointed at the blinds and said “you broke that!” ~hanging my head in shame~

Thank you so much for trusting me with these images!

Really, Mila tried to steal the show – she nearly did it too with her yoga poses…I mean check those out, they are perfect!  I know tons of spandexed women who would die for that downward facing dog!!


Baby Olivia from Lindsey Lingenfelter on Vimeo.




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