Coronavirus times…what a mess!  Especially when a big birthday falls right in the middle of a pandemic!!  Tell me a better way to celebrate than having family portraits made?  Its perfect, everyone is already together, its a good excuse to put on pants, everyone is looking for a distraction and a new face to look at, and thankfully, this is the BEST Spring Atlanta’s ever had!!!

Heather and her daughter have been super busy since the coronavirus came onto the scene making masks, and not surprisingly…Heather’s masks are super cool!  My favorite is the one with virus imprinted on the material – AND she had that material BEFORE all this craziness!  HA!!  Of course, we had to document those masks…it’s mandatory photography these days!

Thank you, Heather, for having me out to document your birthday and this momentous time in our history!

~ Jack Johnson ~ Better Together ~


Dang you Coronavirus!!  For many reasons, I curse this coronavirus, but in particular, I hate that it has affected our 2020 graduating seniors!  These kids have worked hard and were looking forward to this rite of passage so many of us have had!  Sweet Meg is no different!  I’m so glad that we could work together so that we could try and normalize this moment in her life! (all while socially distancing of course!)  I’ve been photographing this girlie for some time now and I cannot believe that it’s her senior year of high school!!  She’s moving on to bigger and better places next fall and will undoubtedly have a bigger and better graduation in four years!  Thank you Meg for trusting me with your senior pictures!  I can’t wait to see what you make of your bright future! xoxo

~ Lady Gaga ~ Born this Way ~