I’m pretty sure I told you about the Mom that contacted me this summer to come to take maternity photos and then about a week later when I ran into her at her office she told me in the elevator that she was actually pregnant with identical twin girls…WHAAAAAT!!

Well, the glorious day came when she let me know that those baby girls were here and ready for their debut!!  And let me tell you, they are perfect in every way!!  Everyone seems to be adjusting pretty well, but can you imagine going from a family of 3 to a family of FIVE?  Neither can their 2-year-old! HA!!  Fortunately, he had 2 of his favorite folks in town to help ease him into the idea!

Newborn sessions generally take longer than a regular family session – you’ve got to take feedings, burpings and some crying into consideration – and that’s just the dads…kidding, just kidding! Seriously though, it does take a good bit longer, especially when there are two babies!  Fortunately, they were two of the loveliest babies and I really love the images we made!  What usually happens is we spend 2-3 hours trying to get the baby to sleep soundly and then the next 20 minutes gloriously taking their pictures.

Welcome to our world little girls!

Here’s more from their session…


Also, kinda proud of my first gif…