Maurie’s daughter and mine were in kindergarten together and she was one of the first friendly faces I met at school.  She’s an easy person to talk to and want to hang out with.  I photographed her family a couple of times and then as life happens…we didn’t see each other much except for at the occasional yoga class.  I was thrilled when she called me awhile back to ask about SENIOR pictures for her oldest.  SENIOR pictures, how in the world does that happen?  Weren’t our kids 7 just the other day? I had the best time taking these pictures and catching up with them.  There have been a lot of changes these past few years, but she’s still the lovely person who friended me and taught me Waldorf handwork. Thank you Maurie for inviting me to photograph your beautiful people!


Look at these sweet faces from 2011!! WOW!!


Aimee & John!   What can I say about these two other than I had so much fun photographing them.  I loved watching Aimee look at John and then her infectious laugh!  Johns kindness and attentiveness towards Aimee and his family was remarkable.These two are clearly smitten and made for each other!

Congratulations you two love birds!


~ Music by Alvin Lingenfelter ~