Warning!  Cute kid overload here!  It was such a treat to hang out with the Idaikkadar’s and their extended family this past weekend.  We had the perfect Autumn day with plenty of sunshine!  I think I’ve said this before, but my husband always says “cute kids = cute pictures!”  Well, in this case I think he’s right!  Two years old & 9 months – my favorite ages!  Little A was content to sit on his Mama’s lap and show of his gorgeous hair – it’s not fair when an infant has better hair than you!  And, who doesn’t love a rambunctious 2 year old?  I mean doesn’t everyone play soccer in their flouncy flower girl dress?  Thank you Idaikkadar family for letting me spend the afternoon with you and make these beautiful images.

~ Steve Petrunak ~ Here Comes the Sun ~


The first time I met Leigh was when I photographed the kids at the school where she works.  So, when she asked me to photograph her friends who were moving out of state – I jumped at the chance.  Literally, jumped – as you can see B loves his trampoline!  Leigh has been keeping B for the past 6 years, since he was about three years old!  She and B’s Mom have developed an easy friendship over those past years.  It was heartwarming to watch B love and dote on both of these women who clearly mean so much to him!  There’s nothing that I cherish more than having someone love my children nearly as much as I do – and clearly Leigh does just that!  Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity to photograph your friendship.

~ Randy Newman & Lyle Lovett ~ You Got A Friend in Me ~



These boys and this family…my photography season is not complete without us getting together to make some fabulous images of them!  Every year it just gets better and better!  I love seeing their latest interests and watching them progress on their musical instruments!  It makes my day when they set up scenes for me to photograph and I love watching them fight over and love on their parents.  Thanks Bealls for having me photograph your beautiful, beautiful boys!!

~ Ben Harper ~ Beautiful Boy ~


I have to admit – I was a little hesitant when approached about photographing this wedding.  I mean come on… candlelight, at 6pm, AFTER daylight savings time…but, WOW, am I ever so glad that I did!  This was one fantastic wedding!  It was perfectly ordered up for these two and their beautiful, loving family!!  During the ceremony, I swear, there wasn’t a dry eye in the whole house!  Everything was so thoughtfully done, from the vows to the each of the kids, the wedding topper that was on the wedding cake of Denise’s parents to magical lighting and decor.  And, I think Mark is going to single-handedly bring back the ascot!!  Thanks Denise & Mark for letting me witness this sacred day! 


~ The Weepies ~ I Gotta Have You ~



When I reflect back on this wedding – I think of blue skies, perfect weather, beautiful surroundings, life-long friendships and two very happy people!!  Which is exactly what Janice & Chris ordered!!  Not only was this to be a celebration of these two – but Chris & Janice also wanted it to be a celebration of their friends and family!  The Dahlonega Spa Resort ~ where Janice and Chris have been going for years to yoga retreats, could not have been a more perfect backdrop for their wedding. My all time favorite part of the day, was when Chris, who is known for his love of karaoke, sang during his vows to Janice…swoon!! Congratulations and Best Wishes you two!!    

~ Mindy Gledhill ~ Anchor ~




I met up with these sweet folks one Saturday a few of weeks ago.  I haven’t seen them for a couple of years because life sometimes gets in the way…but it didn’t matter – because we were back together again!  It was just like old times sake – except for better!  I oohed and ahhed over how big those kids have grown – and I showed them pictures of what may be the cutest dog ever, my Suleiman (OK, maybe I’m a little biased!)  These kids are so much fun to work with – they are always willing to do what I ask and it always turns out better than I can imagine!!  This year, Mom jumped in, and boy am I glad she did!  I love seeing them laughing and loving all over each other!! 

~ Sarah McLachlan ~ Ice Cream ~





~ Ben ~ Class of 2018 ~ ATLANTA SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHY ~

You know you’re getting old when you start every post by saying…”I knew him when he was nine…”  Well, it’s true, I am getting old & I have been photographing this guy since he was just a little nine year old – in 4th grade! And now, and now he’s a senior about to embark into this big world of ours!  I’m rooting for you – but I know you’ve got this!

~ Matthew West ~ Safe and Sound ~




These kiddos…I love them dearly!  I think technically they were my 1st clients!  Mom was pregnant with A and we stood in a field of wheat!!  Waaaaay back when!  Now look at them!  I had so much fun hanging out with them – they were the perfect mixture of silly and sweet!  It’s such an honor to work with families throughout the years and watch them grow! I hope they are as happy with their images as I am!!  xoxo

Moore Family ~ ATLANTA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER from Lindsey Lingenfelter on Vimeo.

~ Billy Dean ~ Let Them Be Little ~