~ Congrats Carolyn & Chris!! ~ ATLANTA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER

A few weeks ago I had the real honor to document a weekend of love with Chris & Carolyn’s wedding.  A whole gaggle of Carolyn’s family, mostly from Australia, made it to our hemisphere to witness and partake in the union of these two lovebirds!!  The rumors are true…Australians enjoy a good party & these Aussies were in for a treat!!

I loved watching Chris & Carolyn together and I especially loved watching Chris smile and laugh every time Carolyn was around, clearly, he is smitten!!  He’s so taken, that he actually learned a choreographed dance for their reception and it was the sweetest moment of the dinner!  Actually, my favorite moment, was right before they entered the reception hall they had a private minute together and quickly went through their dance routine with just the two of them present, and it was magical!!

Thank you Carolyn & Chris for letting me be a small part of this very special time in y’alls lives!!  Best wishes & congratulations!!

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Aimee & John!   What can I say about these two other than I had so much fun photographing them.  I loved watching Aimee look at John and then her infectious laugh!  Johns kindness and attentiveness towards Aimee and his family was remarkable.These two are clearly smitten and made for each other!

Congratulations you two love birds!


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It was such an honor to photograph Carolyn & Chris’ wedding last week! A small intimate affair – it was just perfect! Having a gorgeous bride to photograph always makes my job easier!  I loved Chris’ enthusiasm during the afternoon and he smiled liked that the entire time – clearly he is smitten! Thanks so much for letting me document this incredibily special time in y’alls lives! Congratulations and Best Wishes!!




I have to admit – I was a little hesitant when approached about photographing this wedding.  I mean come on… candlelight, at 6pm, AFTER daylight savings time…but, WOW, am I ever so glad that I did!  This was one fantastic wedding!  It was perfectly ordered up for these two and their beautiful, loving family!!  During the ceremony, I swear, there wasn’t a dry eye in the whole house!  Everything was so thoughtfully done, from the vows to the each of the kids, the wedding topper that was on the wedding cake of Denise’s parents to magical lighting and decor.  And, I think Mark is going to single-handedly bring back the ascot!!  Thanks Denise & Mark for letting me witness this sacred day! 


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Dreamy!  That’s how’d I’d explain this wedding!  Dreeeeammmmyyyy!  These two lovebirds did not let anything get them down this day!  Power out – who cares?  Tree across the main entrance to the chapel – who cares?  Besides those two close calls – it was a perfect day to get married!  Beautiful weather, gorgeous location, handsome groom and stunning bride!!  Check, check and check!  I’ve said this time and time again – but the way Randon makes Caroline laugh is the secret to their love and will be the secret to their success to on their 75th wedding anniversary!!  Congratulations Caroline & Randon!!


Closer to Me ~ Tyler Lyle






I knew Caroline a long time ago…when she was a fresh faced high school senior and involved with the youth group at a church where my husband worked.  I remember her being a little quiet but always smiling!  Fast forward to this past December when I saw via facebook that she had gotten engaged on Christmas Eve – I’ll be honest…I whispered to myself… “oh, I hope they ask me to photograph their wedding!”  I just knew that they were going to be have the kinda wedding I enjoy photographing!  So, imagine my thrill when they contacted me and asked if I was available!  “YES!! YES!! I am!!”

I met Caroline & Randon this past weekend while they were back in her hometown.  It was so nice to catch up with her & her lovely Mom & Dad.  And Randon?  I’m not sure could approve of him more!  He was perfect!!  I think I was most impressed with how much he clearly loves her and how he makes her laugh!  Plus, he listened to me ramble on & on…

I’m so excited to be a part of their wedding ceremony in May!!  I’ll be sure to catch y’all up on those images too!!






Caroline & Randon from Lindsey Lingenfelter on Vimeo.



What a treat to photograph these two!!  Seriously, I feel like it was serendipity that we would be able to work together.  Their first date was at the Majestic Diner and it went so well that they never looked back!  So, here they were nearly nine years later… Ebby told me that all she really wanted on her wedding day was that I capture the beautiful ring box that Alex had made to hold their rings and pictures of she & Alex on the Atlanta Beltline, near a particular mural.  Fortunately, the mural was right across the street from their wedding venue.  So, immediately following their wedding ceremony we walked across busy Monroe Drive and hit the Atlanta Beltline.  Let me tell you what an amazing experience that was!  I’m now convinced that all couples should parade around on their wedding day!  So many people honked their horns, shouted out “Congratulations!” and EVERYONE passed by with a smile on their face!  I mean, who doesn’t love to see a newly married couple?  It brightens the day of even the most curmudgeon out there!  Once at the mural we found the light was amazing and there was a fabulous banjo player.  One, well two actually, of my favorite moments from the whole day happened here and within minutes of each other!  The first was when we randomly gathered and asked people walking under the bridge to join us for a group shot!  At that moment – nine strangers were brought together in a moment of celebration and joy – then they broke up and went on their own merry way.  My 2nd favorite part of the day was when Ebby & Alex had their 1st (unofficial) dance of the day!  It was so beautiful – the Banjo player played them an original piece he had written for his wedding 5 years earlier.  Truly a fabulous moment!  Honestly, I cried the whole time!

Thank you Ebby & Alex for trusting me with this special and momentous day in your lives!

Linden Tree Photography _Ebby & Alex_002 Linden Tree Photography _Ebby & Alex_008 Linden Tree Photography _Ebby & Alex_011Linden Tree Photography _Ebby & Alex_095 Linden Tree Photography _Ebby & Alex_129 Linden Tree Photography _Ebby & Alex_199 Linden Tree Photography _Ebby & Alex_224 Linden Tree Photography _Ebby & Alex_234 Linden Tree Photography _Ebby & Alex_250

Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_365 Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_369 Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_374 Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_380 Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_382 Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_387 Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_394 Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_395 Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_402  Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_405 Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_455  Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_551 Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_555Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_537

Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_592

Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_599 Linden Tree Photography _ABG Arthur Blank_605


Music by my ALL TIME FAVORITE band – Shovels & Rope

playing my ALL TIME FAVORITE song – Mary Ann & One Eyed Dan










Congrats Chandler & Rob!  What a beautiful wedding!  One of the easiest wedding I’ve ever photographed – everything went so smoothly, that a couple of times I was trying to figure out what I’d forgotten…

And, that reception…I’ve honestly, never, ever, met a family that loved to dance like this family!  I wish I could have videoed Chandler’s 80 year old grandfather dancing… He put the 20 year olds to S.H.A.M.E – to shame!

Thanks Dangles for having me document this incredibly special time in your lives!!   Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_307Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_006 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_014

Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_036Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_320

Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_068 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_113 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_134 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_141 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_144 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_229 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_289 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_303  Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_419 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_430 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_444 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_462 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_486 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_513 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_574 Linden Tree Photography - Dangle Wedding_581




Rosie & Josh!  Joined together surrounded by love!  What a lucky couple to be surrounded by family and friends who obviously love them so.  There are lots of times that weddings are about the party – the event… Not with these two.  It was clear that Rosie’s only objective that beautiful Saturday was to become Josh’s wife – for the two to become one.  Thanks for letting me document your perfect wedding.

Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_001 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_012 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_027 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_064 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_142 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_183 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_211 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_212 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_220 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_229 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_258 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_297 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_341 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_347 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_397 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_490 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_504 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_516 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_517 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_550 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_583 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_612 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_630 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_637 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_639 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_648 Linden Tree Photography_Rosie & Josh_681


A little personal information…my husband & I eloped 13 years ago.  We were a little nervous about eloping, but considering his parents eloped, my parents eloped and my grandparents eloped, we felt like we were carrying on a family tradition.  Which may be why I loved photographing this couple.  Although, they didn’t technically elope, since they were married in their beautiful home, overlooking downtown Atlanta, it was still just the two of them, a minister (plus, her husband/chauffeur) and me.  They couldn’t have ordered a more perfect ceremony for themselves…truly, everything was perfect!  What I loved most about this couple and their wedding is their laughter.  Dan, has the most infectious, full bellied laugh, who couldn’t help but join in with him.  I bet, if you ask Maria, what she loves best about Dan…it would be the way he makes her laugh.  I hope I was able to capture that and then some.  Congratulations, you two love birds!!

Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_004 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_006 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_021 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_026 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_033 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_035 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_037 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_045 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_055 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_060 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_065 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_066 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_070 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_072 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_076 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_082 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_083 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_100 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_130 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_135 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_140 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_167 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_168 Linden Tree Photography_Maria & Dan_172


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