A fairly bright boy is far more intelligent and far better company than the average adult.  ~ John B. S. Haldane

These boys…I’m here to tell you nothing makes me happier than working with this family & their 3 boys!  I’ve photographed them since most were just babies and every year it gets better & better!  This year I’m calling this session…The Ben Show!  That Ben was something else, pulling out all his modeling moves – I taught him the tug on your shirt sleeve one myself!  I think they might have a future model on their hands.

Every year, I am thankful to get a message from Sarah booking a session – this year is no different!  I appreciate being a teeny-tiny piece of y’all lives and look forward to watching your boys grow up! Thanks, y’all!

*I’m available to photograph when VOGUE comes a calling! 😉

~ Jewel ~ You Were Meant for Me ~


You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. – Desmond Tutu

Dream photoshoot!!  Seriously, this was a dream photoshoot!!  These are the kind of photo sessions I want to do time & time again!  It’s so important for us to document and hold tight the people in our lives who mean so much to us.  These images are a treasure just like these three folks are!

When Vicki called and asked me to photograph her parents, and specifically focus on their hands, I tried to act all cool, but I was like “Yes, Yes, Yes!!”  Vicki wanted to capture her Mom, a beautician who still cuts hair 3 times a week and her dad a farmer, who still works their farm and tends to the cattle.  I couldn’t have stepped into a warmer, friendlier situation if I’d been coming into my own parent’s home!  Dot & Richards’s love for each other and their family was evident all throughout their house.  One of the first things I noticed when I walked in was the smell of fresh bread baking!  Turns out, Dot makes a few loaves of gluten-free bread every week for Richard who can’t eat gluten (she cracked me up with her story of the Red Lobster biscuits that she can eat & he can’t…but it’s her story and I’ll let her tell it.)

There’s so much I could say about this session…the haircut, Dot’s daily bible study, Richards truck, how funny he was and how dedicated to Dot he clearly is!  I deliberately left in many shots where he was cracking us up with his silly faces and antics!

Even though I only stayed a little over an hour, I left feeling like I’d spent time with old family friends.  Bringing home that yummy loaf of bread was a real added bonus!
Thanks, y’all for letting be a small part of your wonderful life!


~ The Weepies ~ Simple Life &  ~ Bob Dylan ~ Forever Young


“The greatest gift our parents gave us was each other.”- unknown

Photographing these three siblings was really a treat!  Individually, they were easy and willing to be the subject, but together, they relaxed, laughed and smiled at each other genuinely!  That’s what you want with brothers and sisters – people who can be themselves around each other.  It was like they instinctually knew that someone had their back.  Thanks, Nickerson’s for letting me hang out with y’all and make these images with you.

~ David Gray ~ World to Me ~


Coco Chanel famously said, “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

Well, this next post isn’t like any other post I’ve ever written…but then again, when a friend is diagnosed with cancer we find ourselves doing things we never imagined.  Elena was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her doctors are pretty certain she’s going to beat this bugger, but not without a nasty round of chemotherapy which will more than likely cause her to lose her hair… Rather than give in and let chemo take her hair, she decided to be a badass and cut, or more appropriately shave her hair off, the day before starting chemo. I was honored and touched that she asked me to document this big event for her.  I reached out to the best barber in all the land…Misty, with Maxim Barbers, and asked if she would meet us and cut Elena’s hair.  What do you think she said?  Of course, she said yes, and to guarantee we wouldn’t have to wait, she met us on her lunch break.  Although we don’t always feel like there are good people out there…let me tell you there are and Misty heads that list!

I picked Elena up and she came out wearing a beautiful gold sparkly dress, with what she referred to as her “badass black boots”.  Wearing these pieces reinforced both her beauty and strength!  When we arrived at Maxim and Misty greeted Elena like a long lost friend and made what could have been an awkward situation feel as natural and comfortable as possible.  Snip, snip, shave, shave and 30 minutes later Elena walked out of Maxim out a strong and confident badass, ready to tackle what lies ahead of her and change her life!

Thank you, Misty, for being so kind and generous, you truly are one of a kind.

Thank you, Elena, for letting me be a small part of this journey of yours!  You’ve got this supergirl!!


~ Anna Naklab (feat. Alle Farben & Younotus) ~ Supergirl


It’s official!  When the children of my clients, kids I’ve photographed for over a decade, start having babies and graduating from high school you know I’m old!  Look at these faces!  I love them all, and that sweet little new one is pretty darn cute!!  Honestly, I look forward to seeing this family every year, they treat me like their favorite Auntie who comes to town once a year!  Thanks for having me again!!  xoxo


~ Let Them Be Little ~ Billy Dean


This family will forever hold a special place in my heart!  I’ve loved watching these kids grow up and turn into little, real people.  It happens folks, these kids do grow up with their own thoughts, words, and actions!  This session was the first time that I could start to see A. as a grown-up.  The things he said to his mom – HILARIOUS!!  The bartering going on – epic!! As always I enjoyed every minute with them and seriously love the images we made together!


Gotta Have You ~ The Weepies

~ Congrats Carolyn & Chris!! ~ ATLANTA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER

A few weeks ago I had the real honor to document a weekend of love with Chris & Carolyn’s wedding.  A whole gaggle of Carolyn’s family, mostly from Australia, made it to our hemisphere to witness and partake in the union of these two lovebirds!!  The rumors are true…Australians enjoy a good party & these Aussies were in for a treat!!

I loved watching Chris & Carolyn together and I especially loved watching Chris smile and laugh every time Carolyn was around, clearly, he is smitten!!  He’s so taken, that he actually learned a choreographed dance for their reception and it was the sweetest moment of the dinner!  Actually, my favorite moment, was right before they entered the reception hall they had a private minute together and quickly went through their dance routine with just the two of them present, and it was magical!!

Thank you Carolyn & Chris for letting me be a small part of this very special time in y’alls lives!!  Best wishes & congratulations!!

~INXS ~ Never Tear Us Apart ~

~ Coleman ~ Class of 2010 ~

How does this happen?   One minute you’re photographing a cute little 4 year old and the next – you’re doing his senior pictures…what???  A blink of an eye, that’s how fast it goes!   I couldn’t believe it when his Mama contacted me in May to schedule these pictures.   Honestly, my first thought was what? He’s a senior?  Could I possibly be 13 years older too?  My 2nd thought was…”oh yeah, end of September, it’ll be nice & cool by then…” I think I was wrong on both accounts because it was hotter than Hotter than Satan’s house cat last week and sadly…I’ve aged 13+ years too…

It was a pleasure photographing Coleman and I can’t wait for him to be my dog’s Veterinarian one day…probably tomorrow at the rate we are going. 😉

~ Andie ~ Class of 2020 ~

Remember how exciting it was to be a senior in High School?  To be the top dog at your school?  How the world was your oyster and you could do anything you dreamed!  Those were the good ole days!  I don’t doubt for one second that Andie is going to take the world by the horns (is that the saying?)  It was so fun hanging out with this chica & believe me, her future is bright!  Go get ’em Andie!!


Maurie’s daughter and mine were in kindergarten together and she was one of the first friendly faces I met at school.  She’s an easy person to talk to and want to hang out with.  I photographed her family a couple of times and then as life happens…we didn’t see each other much except for at the occasional yoga class.  I was thrilled when she called me awhile back to ask about SENIOR pictures for her oldest.  SENIOR pictures, how in the world does that happen?  Weren’t our kids 7 just the other day? I had the best time taking these pictures and catching up with them.  There have been a lot of changes these past few years, but she’s still the lovely person who friended me and taught me Waldorf handwork. Thank you Maurie for inviting me to photograph your beautiful people!


Look at these sweet faces from 2011!! WOW!!