It’s no secret that 2020 has been T.O.U.G.H!!  It seems like a stretch to find some good that’s come out of it.  But if we look hard, and maybe not even that hard, we can find plenty to celebrate!  If not, we’ll fake it ’til we make it!  Which is exactly what this family did for their 10th anniversary!  A lot has happened during those 10 years, babies were born, children went to college and jobs shifted…but through it all there was one place that remained constant…their church.  It’s where he proposed, where they were married and raised their children. It was also the perfect place to celebrate 10 years of marriage.  Kudos to mom for recognizing that her children needed a little extra fun, something to plan and look forward to, and an excuse to dress up. I mean, wouldn’t you want to celebrate the fact that you can still fit into your wedding dress!

Their reWedding was marked with so many special touches!  For instance, it was special that an older daughter could officiate the reWedding, it was special that the youngest daughter could wear the flower girl dress her oldest sister wore 10 years ago and it was exceptionally special as Mom & Dad held the hands of each other and reaffirmed their love and commitment to each other with their precious daughters present!

Thank you for letting me be a small part of this wonderful, fun ceremony!



Here I go again, writing about how much I enjoyed spending some time with a family I photographed…I promise I sit here and try to come up with new ways to start these blog posts, but seriously…I had the BEST time!  I mean could this family be ANY cuter?  They lived in the cutest house on the best piece of property ITP (inside Atlanta reference)!  Their garden was amazing, but what was more amazing was the knowledge and interest the girls had about the fruits and veggies they grow!  For instance, did you know you could eat beauty berries?

Thanks, y’all for having me out and letting me spend some time with your precious girls!  I hope you love these images as much as I do!

~ INXS ~ Never Tear Us Apart ~


I was so happy I could meet up with this family before they made their big move!  They’re off on an exciting new adventure!  It was also fun photographing all that boy energy!  Dabbing anyone?  I love it when kids ask me to photograph their poses…they always make for memorable photos!  Like meditating in the middle of the garden or standing in the creek…who thinks up this stuff? HA!

Thanks for having me out to photograph your sweet family & I hope I see y’all again soon in your new digs!





I was so happy when Kanessa contacted me and said that she wanted to do a family session focused on her sweet Mom!  This is right up my alley and one of my new missions in photography…to get everyone to have portraits made of and with their parents!  I PROMISE YOU – you will not regret having a professional image of your sweet parents!!  PROMISE!!

Thankfully, it wasn’t too hot the fine August evening that we met!  I met Kanessa on a yoga retreat a few years ago and loved reuniting and meeting her sweet family!  One of the things I really like about family sessions is watching everyone’s interactions with each other…between siblings, cousins, and also Moms & Daughters, the sly looks of “are you crazy?”

Thanks for having me capture your family & your beautiful mom’s awesome smile!!  xoxo


Coronavirus times…what a mess!  Especially when a big birthday falls right in the middle of a pandemic!!  Tell me a better way to celebrate than having family portraits made?  Its perfect, everyone is already together, its a good excuse to put on pants, everyone is looking for a distraction and a new face to look at, and thankfully, this is the BEST Spring Atlanta’s ever had!!!

Heather and her daughter have been super busy since the coronavirus came onto the scene making masks, and not surprisingly…Heather’s masks are super cool!  My favorite is the one with virus imprinted on the material – AND she had that material BEFORE all this craziness!  HA!!  Of course, we had to document those masks…it’s mandatory photography these days!

Thank you, Heather, for having me out to document your birthday and this momentous time in our history!

~ Jack Johnson ~ Better Together ~


Dang you Coronavirus!!  For many reasons, I curse this coronavirus, but in particular, I hate that it has affected our 2020 graduating seniors!  These kids have worked hard and were looking forward to this rite of passage so many of us have had!  Sweet Meg is no different!  I’m so glad that we could work together so that we could try and normalize this moment in her life! (all while socially distancing of course!)  I’ve been photographing this girlie for some time now and I cannot believe that it’s her senior year of high school!!  She’s moving on to bigger and better places next fall and will undoubtedly have a bigger and better graduation in four years!  Thank you Meg for trusting me with your senior pictures!  I can’t wait to see what you make of your bright future! xoxo

~ Lady Gaga ~ Born this Way ~


This was a dream session!  Beautiful people, lots of fun and family galore!!  I can’t think of a better excuse to have a family photo session than Lolo Bert coming into town!  Lolo is Grandfather in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. One of the many reasons I love this family’s story is that Lolo Bert and his wife met in the Phillippines when she was in the Peace Corps!  They moved to the US where they raised their family until they retired and moved back to the Philippines.  Sadly, Lola passed away several years ago, but thankfully, Lola Bert still treks back to the US every so often for a giant family reunion!  Folks came from Utah, Ohio, and Marietta for loads of food, card games, and Mahjong.  Ah, yes, Mahjong!  Mahjong a game of skill, strategy, and calculation and one where Lolo Bert is a skilled player!

Thank you so much for having me out to photograph your amazing family!!

Willie Nelson~ I’ve Loved You All Over the World ~


I’m pretty sure I told you about the Mom that contacted me this summer to come to take maternity photos and then about a week later when I ran into her at her office she told me in the elevator that she was actually pregnant with identical twin girls…WHAAAAAT!!

Well, the glorious day came when she let me know that those baby girls were here and ready for their debut!!  And let me tell you, they are perfect in every way!!  Everyone seems to be adjusting pretty well, but can you imagine going from a family of 3 to a family of FIVE?  Neither can their 2-year-old! HA!!  Fortunately, he had 2 of his favorite folks in town to help ease him into the idea!

Newborn sessions generally take longer than a regular family session – you’ve got to take feedings, burpings and some crying into consideration – and that’s just the dads…kidding, just kidding! Seriously though, it does take a good bit longer, especially when there are two babies!  Fortunately, they were two of the loveliest babies and I really love the images we made!  What usually happens is we spend 2-3 hours trying to get the baby to sleep soundly and then the next 20 minutes gloriously taking their pictures.

Welcome to our world little girls!

Here’s more from their session…


Also, kinda proud of my first gif…




“Being part of a family means smiling for photos.” – Harry Morgan

The worst part of my job is culling images – it seems like it takes forever and I have to go through multiple times to whittle down to the ones I want to show.  This particular session was hard for me because my face hurt the entire time…from smiling so dang much!  These images made me smile!  I loved hanging out with this crew last Saturday and I hope their images reflect just that and that besides baby Cassidy…everyone felt the same.

These folks were so much fun to hang out with and equally as much fun to photograph.  Those two big kids have always been 2 of my favorite photography subjects!  Thanks, Ericksons for letting me spend this time with you!

~ Natalie Merchant ~ Wonder ~



“Sister and friend. Two words that mean the same thing.”

Ahhh…the Trevenas!  Such a beautiful family!  I remember when they first moved to Atlanta, we met up for the Graffiti Mini Sessions I offered almost 8 years ago, and now look at them!  It’s been so fun to watch these girls grow up and fly off on their own.  It’s amazing to see the things they are doing now, and the people they are doing it with!  I love the one image of the family on the steps…with those men…waiting in the wings!! HA!!

Thank you so much for having me out to photograph your family!  xoxo  

~ Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris ~ This Is Us ~

Throwback to 2012!!